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Do You Wish To Maximise the Level of Space Within Your Home?

Do You Wish To Maximise the Level of Space Within Your Home?

Many years ago, homes when built were divided up into numerous rooms. An average home would be built with the inclusion of a reception room, kitchen, utility room, dining room, lounge, lobby, bedroom etc. Whilst in properties built today, there’s a greater focus on bigger contemporary spaces instead of smaller, cosier rooms. With a large living area, your living area could not just include a lounge area, but also a kitchenette too. Despite having one room with various capabilities, you should not lose out on space. Actually, by having a home with an open-plan design, you can benefit from a more enhanced level of space.

What Are the Advantages of Open Plan Living?

Open plan living spaces are now a sought after feature within homes. This is due to a number of reasons, including increased functionality, sheer practicality and a more family friendly living approach as well as a greater flow of light flowing throughout your open plan room. If you have a family, an open plan space allows you to keep an eye on your children whilst you prepare the dinner.

What Are the Disadvantages of Open Plan Living?

Of course, in addition to the advantages, there are unfortunately disadvantages too. For instance, when cooking, the aromas are more likely to waft into your living area, whilst cooking on show of your family or guests can be a little stressful at times. In addition, open plan space can also mean a larger area to heat up and less intimacy. Yet, with a clever design, you can conquer each of these problems, making your home one of sheer ease and comfort.

There are many clever design solutions (see TLC Services Construction Essex) that enable you to divide up an open space, if you wish to. Common ways in which to do so include the use of kitchen diners within a kitchen/living area, these can include the likes of both breakfast bars and islands. Partial wall construction is another way of keeping the flow, whilst keeping the zones that you desire to have. In order to gain a little more privacy within a living room, the utilisation of storage units is a superb way to achieve just that, particularly if the units are on castors. This way you can relocate them whenever you wish. An additional option is that of a central fireplace, this is a particularly modern design, yet works incredibly well.

For those of you living in an older residence, there is nothing to stop you from changing your living space into a more contemporary living space. The only thing that may hold you back is 1) gaining planning permission, 2) locating the correct construction company to complete the work for you and 3) locating any possible structural issues.