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Different Types Of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Different Types Of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Replacing windows can be a large or small renovation, depending on the number of windows concerned. New windows can do a lot to insulate your house as well as making your home easier to sell. Usually buyers are looking for move in ready homes and new windows are a great asset.

Windows can come in all shapes, sizes and prices. They are also available in all different colors and materials, from wood to vinyl. Also the glass in the window can be single, double or even triple glazed. You should look for ones that have a low emissive, also called low-E glazing. This is a film that has been coated on one of the panes of glass and it allows the light to come in but prevents various solar rays from entering through the actual glass. This means that windows with a low-E value will keep you and your family warm in winter by preventing the insider heat from escaping through the glass. On the other hand, in the hot weather it can block the radiant heat, leaving your home cooler.

Another value to consider is the R value. This value measures the resistance to heat transfer the window has. This means the higher the R value the better. The U value measures the overall energy efficiency so this is a value you should look out for. It basically informs you of the rate at which the heat will flow not only through the glass but the frame as well. The lower this value is the better as it means the more energy efficient the window is.

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With so many different types of replacement windows available, how do you choose? First of all there are lots of options to help you. You can go to a big box store such as Lowe’s or the Home Depot and look through their selection of windows and get some advice. You can look on the internet and find different stores that specialize in windows and doors in your neighborhood. Then go and visit them and see if they offer you any different advice and ask what they would recommend in your situation. You can also see all the different types of windows and designs. They will be able to talk to you about the different values each window has and whether it is worth paying the extra cost to get triple glazed windows over double.

Getting expert advice is important but ultimately the choice of window is up to you.  visit replacementwindowschicago.net for more information by clicking here.